ISI group presentation

Created in 1991, ISI group has a turnover of €4M (2020) with 25 employees.

Located in the Bisontin birthplace of microtechnology, BBE, Découpe Etudes and PMISI support you in the development of your industrial processes such as:

  • precision cutting tools for your medium and large series.
  • plastic injection moulds, automatic overmoulding moulds or continuous strip overmoulding.
  • control, automatic, or semi-automatic assembly machines.

We work for all sectors of activity (Electrical engineering, automotive, connectors, jewellery, food industry…).

ISI group is your partner to develop your industrial processes by offering you the opportunity to have a project manager as unique contact person.

Our team is at your disposal to help you…

  • Co develop your products and make prototypes (metal, plastic, overmoulding, assembly…) to validate the product and/or process (forming or stamping range).

Each co-development is done with a Design to Cost approach

  • Study your processes (cutting tool, mold and machine) in 3D and 2D (VISI, Inventor, SolidWorks) with our design office of 5 people, which advises the customer in the definition of processes in order to guarantee geometric tolerances or performance.
  • PMISI Asia supervises the machining of mechanical components or sub-assemblies at our partners. PMISI Asia ensures regular monitoring and audits. This strategy allows us to have a high machining capacity and to guarantee deadlines.

We carry out the assembly in our workshops of the following processes:  

  • Automatic assembly machine
  • Control machine
  • High speed tracking tool (>400 cps/min)
  • Maintain, modify processes and ensure the supply of spare parts.

We can ensure the maintenance of the processes carried out on your plant (machines) or in our workshops (tools). We can also ensure that your spare parts are placed in stock and delivered within 24 hours. To ensure that your processes do not stop, we can also set up consignment stocks in your workshops.

ISI group is committed to an ISO 9001 certification process.

  • Design

Our design offices are equipped with the latest versions of 3D SolidWorks software from Dassault, VISI from Vero Software and Inventor. We integrate the maintenance aspect into the design of processes so that their maintainability is optimal.

  • Metrology

To improve our metrology expertise, we have invested in a 3D optical system. This system reinforces our more conventional means: profile projector, measuring column, roughness meter…
We also work closely with an external metrology laboratory.

  • Management

Our various activities are all managed in a logic of customer satisfaction and continuous progress. All customer dissatisfactions are analyzed to avoid recurrence. A project manager ensures the follow-up of the project from the customer order to the acceptance of the process. He is the customer contact person. The subcontracted activities are subject to regular audits.

  • After-sales service

Our responsibility does not end with delivery. On request, we can provide commissioning, maintenance and repair of the delivered processes.
We also supply spare parts.

Our 6 Strategic Business Units


Co develop your products and make prototypes (metal, plastic, overmoulding, assembly…) for that:
you can validate the product in its final environment.
you can validate the production process if necessary (forming or stamping range, burr……).
Each co-development is done with a Design to Cost approach.

DAS 02: Tooling study

Study your cutting processes for tracking tools and multiple slides.
Our tooling design office can carry out your studies for:

  • Cutting tools to follow in 2D & 3D
  • Multi-slide tooling for BUCH, BIHLER

DAS 03 : Cutting Tool

Once the studies have been validated by our design office, PMISI Asia ensures the follow-up of the machining of all mechanical components. This subcontracting allows us to have a large machining capacity and to guarantee very short lead times regardless of the number of tools to be produced.

As soon as we receive the components, we assemble in our workshopsthe tools to be followed with precision. Standard tools are also assembled under the responsibility of PMISI Asia.

We have a 60-ton press to automatically test the tools.

DAS 04: Plastic mold

PMISI Asia ensures the complete sourcing of the molds from a panel of partners. Our technician ensures the follow-up of studies and assemblies as well as the supply of plastic material for the tests. The tests are carried out with our technician in a test centre.

The mould is systematically disassembled before delivery.

DAS 05: Assembly Machine

BBE has been specialized for more than 20 years in the design and the manufacturing of special machines:

Transporting, sorting, handling, counting, assembling, packaging… whatever the purpose, BBE designs and manufactures tailor-made, manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines

From the analysis of needs to the realization, BBE offers a global service in order to guarantee the conformity of the machines designed for their final use.

An analytical approach, to meet each requirement that has allowed us to develop in multiple markets: Automotive, Telephony, Aeronautics, Nuclear, Electric, Connecticut, Watchmaking, Cosmetics, Food processing.

DAS 06: After-sales service process

Our responsibility does not end with delivery. On request, we can ensure the commissioning, maintenance and repair of the processes delivered to your offices, plants.

We also supply spare parts.